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Janelle Z. Martelino

Janelle Z. Martelino

Subspecialty: Policy

Janelle is Practice Manager for Pacific Medical Centers in Lynnwood, WA. She was part of the 2005 entering class of the CHN program. She received her undergraduate degree in comparative religion at UW and focused her study on early Christian history. She was a graduate of the inaugural class of the Masters Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) at the UW School of Nursing. Janelle discovered a niche for planning, leadership, and collaboration through many faith-based seminars and retreats and decided to direct those abilities toward health promotion and disease prevention in Community Health Systems Nursing.

In her current job, Janelle is responsible for the service line profitability and clinical performance standards. Key areas include financial performance, business development and service line daily operations, and day-to-day back office clinical operations of the site or service lines. She manages clinical staff coverage and coordinates care within the back office team to facilitate the provider/patient interaction. She is also responsible for the meeting performance expectations in the areas of financial performance, quality care, service excellence, access, and resource utilization in her area of responsibility, which includes multiple service lines within the clinic site.