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Paula Kobos

Paula Kobos

Subspecialty: Not Available

Paula is an east coast transplant who, in 1975, on the advice of a friend, vacationed in Bellingham, WA instead of Paris. Since then, she has grown roots in the northwest. The first time she went to graduate school at Arizona State University, but she had babies and went to work instead of finishing her thesis. After a long career in public health nursing (federal, tribal, county and independent practice), she decided to return to school rather than retire. Paula completed her MN in Spring, 2013. She is currently working as a part-time Research Literature Analyst for a federally funded community-based research project at the UW SON.

Paula would like to become a better advocate for low-income moms with young children, and be more involved with systems and policy. She's always loved doing home visits, especially to folks with a world view that's not hers, and see home visiting as a service delivery model that can extend social justice. She learns lots from people’s stories and may be interested in doing qualitative research.