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Teresa Garrett Hill

Teresa Garrett Hill

Subspecialty: Cross-Cultural

Teresa is Program Manager at the Cancer Information Service for the grant Spirit of Eagles: The American Indian and Alaskan Native Leadership Initiative on Cancer. She came to the community health nursing program as an oncology hospice nurse. Teresa wanted to apply her skills to the advantage of communities. She spent her community health clinical in the Nooksack tribal community in Snohomish County and under her current job is able to combine her oncology nursing skills and her community health nursing skills in serving Native communities by carrying out leadership initiatives under the grant. "I received a lot of education and mentoring and actually being prepared to go out and work with a diverse community. The curriculum is laid out step by step-there's a lot of support and mentoring along the way." In addition to her full-time job, she returned to UW and completed her post-MN DNP education in Spring 2010. 

Teresa is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychosocial and Community Health, School of Nursing at the University of Washington.

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