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Suzanne Lobaton Cabrera

Suzanne Lobaton Cabrera

Subspecialty: Occupational and Environmental Health

Suzanne is an occupational health nurse supervisor at the US Naval Hosptial Guam, Agana Heights in Guam. She is responsible for providing comprehensive occupational health services to eligible beneficiaries in the US Naval Hospital Guam area of responsibility. This population encompasses a complex and variable myriad of industrial processes and hazardous exposures, requiring a multifaceted, comprehensive occupational health program.

She helps support, promote, and improve the Navy's Occupational Health and Safety Program by providing quality patient care in collaboration with physicians, industrial hygienists, safety specialists, and management.

As an Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor, she provides oversight and management of the clinic, and delivery of occupational health services to active duty and eligible civilian employees assigned to various shore and fleet commands.

Suzanne received her MN in Spring 2008. She has had two articles published since she graduated. She is also serving a 2-year term (2012-2014) as Secretary of the Guam Nurses Association, which is a constituent member of the American Nurses Association.