Clinical Practicum

Online Clinical Requests (requires a UW NetID and password)

For Winter quarter, 2015 (January 5- March 20, 2015), the NCLIN 566 request form is due no later than Tuesday October 7, 2014.


Other request forms

Formula for Seminar/Clinical Hours to Credits

The first credit taken is equal to 2 hours of seminar time. The remaining credits are equal to 3 hours per credit of agency/clinical hours.

For example, if you register for 3 credits of clinical (e.g., NCLIN 566) you are expected to attend a weekly seminar (2 hours) in addition to 6 hours per week at a clinical site.

Number of Credits

Credit Breakdown

Clinical Hours

2 Credits

1 credit of seminar/1 credit clinical3 hours/week of clinical

3 Credits

1 credit of seminar/2 credits clinical6 hours/week of clinical

4 Credits

1 credit of seminar/3 credits clinical9 hours/week of clinical

5 Credits

1 credit of seminar/4 credits clinical12 hours/week of clinical

6 Credits

1 credit of seminar/5 credits clinical15 hours/week of clinical

Clinical Evaluation Forms

Evaluation of Students

Word document evaluation of students to be completed by preceptors and students

Evaluation of Clinical Sites

Requires a UW NetID and password. To be completed by students only.