Clinical Policies and Prerequisites

NCLIN 566: Advanced Clinical Practicum

Clinical placement requests are always due the 10th class day of the quarter BEFORE the quarter you are requesting clinical (e.g., clinical requests for Spring quarter are due the 10th class day of Winter Quarter, etc.).

Students ARE NOT TO CONTACT clinical sites asking about clinical placements. Students may suggest desired clinical placements (that they have heard of or are interested in) to the placement coordinator, but the clinical placement coordinator makes the final decision in conjunction with the seminar instructor(s) and the track lead(s).

Once a student receives the clinical confirmation email, it is expected that they will initiate contact with their assigned preceptor via email AND Cc the clinical placement coordinator (, within THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS. Failure to follow this procedure will jeopardize the student's clinical placement for that quarter.

Students are not allowed to use their work setting (unit/agency) for a clinical site for NCLIN 566. Some agencies are large enough that students can be located in units within an institution that they have NOT been assigned as a work setting. For example: A student who has worked in the inpatient unit at Harborview but has no outpatient clinical experience may request a placement in the outpatient setting. However, the goal of clinical practicum is to provide a wide array of experiences and settings, as well as some sustained experience within a setting.

NURS 564 is required before taking a NCLIN 566 Advanced clinical placement that primarily emphasizes pharmacological or biological interventions.

Prerequisites for Courses



NURS 564
Biological/Pharmacologic Therapeutics
NURS 547
Biological Aspects of Psychosocial Disabilities
Advance Clinical Practicum in Psychosocial Nursing
NURS 549
1 approved psychiatric theory course
For Family Track:
NURS 502
Pediatric Health Assessment
Must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in NCLIN 500/501
Comprehensive Health Assessment/Diagnostic Health Assessment