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Perinatal Mental Health (PMH)

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Current Perinatal Mental Health Student Resources

Perinatal Mental Health (PMH) is a sub-specialty within the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) specialty, focusing on mental health knowledge and skills during pregnancy and postpartum phase. The specialty is offered to all eligible current PMHNP specialty students and graduates.

Graduates of the PMH specialty will be able to:

  1. Conduct accurate mental health assessment of pregnant women and in their postpartum phase based on DSM criteria.
  2. Have cutting edge psycho-pharmacological knowledge along with skills that will help women and their families make appropriate treatment decisions
  3. Conduct psychodynamic and other interpersonal therapy with these women and their families
  4. Have basic understanding about the natures of dyadic interactions between mother and child and have basic skills for interventions and making referrals.
  5. Understand variations of perinatal mental health issues across cultures and socioeconomic variable differences.

For information regarding the annual Perinatal Mental Health conference, please follow this link.
To see pictures of this year's PMH conference, please click here.

Infant Mental Health Certificate

If you are interested in a graduate certificate in infant mental health, visit /centers/barnard-center/barnard-center-for-infant-mental-health-and-development.html.

This multidisciplinary advanced training opportunity provides a foundation of knowledge, as well as practical applied experience, in clinical, consultation and leadership services in infant mental health.

How to Apply

Current UW School of Nursing PMHNP students should apply directly to Patty Betrus ( or Yoriko Kozuki ( Also, please fill out the following form designating your interest in the program and submit it to Justin McClanahan ( or Jody Okamura ( 

Non-UW students, including graduates of the PMHNP specialty, should apply to the PMHNP specialty under one of the following program options:

  1. Graduate Certificate Program in Advanced Practice Nursing (GCPAPN)*
  2. Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program

*See the PMH Curriculum Overview for more information on applying as a Post-Master's student.