Procedures for Faculty Requests for Outside Compensation



  1. Faculty member completes and submits a Request form for approval
  • NOTE: Outside work for compensation may not be allowed for persons on non-immigrant visas. Please consult with the International Scholars Office.
  • The smallest increment for Field 16, Number of Days, is one day. Reporting number of days in hours or fractions of a day will result in form being returned.
  • To determine whether an activity is an Executive Order 57, Section 5 exclusion, a faculty member should review the policy and vet exclusions with their department Chair. If there are questions, the Chair will review those with the Director of Student and Academic Services.
  1. Department Chair reviews, signs, and routes form or questions to SoN Human Resources, Box 357260 or
    • If a faculty member responds “Yes” to any of the questions 18-27, please consult with the Director of Student and Academic Services before routing for Dean-level approval.
  2. SON HR reviews and routes to the Dean for review and approval. If there are questions, then it is reviewed and discussed with Director of Student and Academic Services.
  3. SON HR routes the completed request to AHR for the Provost-level approval.  SON HR tracks the status.
  4. Each November, summarize all activities from the previous academic year on the faculty member’s Annual Report of Outside Activities. The Annual Report of Outside Activities should include disclosure of all outside activities, paid or unpaid, including any outside activity that was excluded from the Request for Outside Compensation Process by Executive Order 57, Section 5.