Discussing Your EDP with Your Leader

Questions You May Be Asked during a Conversation with Your Leader

  • What are you looking for in terms of job satisfaction?

  • If you could do anything you want in terms of a career, what would it be?

  • What are your goals?

  • Do you want to change jobs but stay in the same field? Or change to a totally new career?

  • What steps are necessary to have control over your situation? How can you position yourself to succeed?

  • What are your areas of greatest strength? What areas need improvement?

  • Are you hoping for promotional opportunities?

  • What is the present situation?

  • What are your obstacles, both internal and external?

  • What have you done so far?

  • What are some of your achievements?

  • How do you want your career to develop? What constraints do you see?

  • What resources do you have available to you?

Questions Specific to Course/Conference/Class

  • How will taking this class/course/conference fit into your career plans?

  • What are your other options?

  • What are the plusses and minuses of each choice?

  • What other things might you consider doing to meet your goals?

  • What could you do to learn besides taking classes through Professional & Organizational Development (POD)?

  • What about strengthening some other skills?

  • Are you seeking a leadership position in your future plans?

  • How will this class enhance your abilities?

  • Have you developed a timeline to complete this work?

  • Who else needs to be involved? How will they be affected? How will you gain their support?

  • How can you pursue this course and maintain your current workload?

  • How do you plan to apply the knowledge you gain through training?

  • Is this the best fit for your goals, or are there other possibilities?

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, what is the likelihood that you will do this? If it’s less than a 7, do you really have the motivation to do the necessary work?

Follow-up Questions (after the Training Is Completed)

  • What did you learn?

  • How will you use this training in the future?

  • Did you encounter unexpected obstacles?

  • Will you be able to use this training immediately?

  • How will you put your new knowledge to work?

  • What are your next steps?

  • Is it time to develop a new EDP?