STAR: Staff Training for Assisted Living Residences

Specialists at the University of Washington have created an educational program, Staff Training in Assisted Living Residences—STAR. The program is for staff of Assisted Living residences who care for residents with dementia and associated behavioral symptoms. The training program is available to Assisted Living facilities for their direct care, licensed, and administrative staff, as well as other staff members who are in frequent contact with residents. The program deals sensitively with memory problems by showing everyone involved how to anticipate problems and prevent them from interfering with daily living and harmonious relationships.

Managing and Understanding Behavior Problems in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders

This DVD training program is geared toward institutional staff, such as nurses and aides, to families, and to in-home, paid, and non-paid caregivers responsible for the day-to-day care or supervision of patients.

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Understanding Alzheimer's: A Guide for Families, Friends and Health Care Providers

A helpful guide with general information on Alzheimer's disease, behavior management techniques, problem solving and coping, and other caregiver issues. 

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