Faculty Appointments

UW Faculty Information

Information for UW faculty, including Faculty Senate, faculty code and faculty councils, can be found on the University Faculty website.

Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments

Tenure-track faculty have 9-month appointments. Salary is not received during the summer months unless a faculty person has grants or other funds that will pay for summer salary.

Full-time faculty (including research faculty) are voting faculty in the department. Decisions such as the hiring of faculty, promotions of faculty, curriculum changes, etc. are presented to eligible voting faculty in Executive Session (see faculty meetings below).

Research Faculty Appointments

Research-track faculty have 12-month appointments and receive salary only from funded grants.

Graduate Faculty Appointments

Usually, home departments automatically vote to make tenure and research-track faculty members of the Graduate Faculty at the time of hiring. Membership to the Graduate Faculty requires an affirmative vote by the voting faculty of the candidate's home department. The department chair sends an appointment letter to the Graduate School that includes the faculty vote breakdown and a copy of the candidate's curriculum vitae and UW biography form. Graduate Faculty appointments for tenure-track faculty continue as long as the faculty member is affiliated with the UW (carry on through emeritus faculty appointments). Graduate faculty appointments for research-track and other faculty appointments are for a five-year term.

UW Policies Regarding Scholarly Integrity

Details regarding the policy for addressing allegation of scientific and scholarly misconduct can be found in the UW Policy Directory.