Department Logistics

Conference Rooms

Each department has two conference rooms within the department. Contact your departmental administrator for the policy on reserving these rooms. Conference rooms are self-service and are intended for meetings, NOT ongoing classes. Contact Patrick Tufford ( in Student and Academic Services for classroom assignments.


The University recycles white paper, mixed paper, newsprint, and aluminum cans. See your department support staff for details regarding departmental recycling stations.

Meetings & Retreats

Departmental Faculty Meetings

Meetings are held alternate Mondays from 12:30 - 2:20 p.m. in your department's largest conference room.

All-School Faculty Meetings/Committee Meetings

Monday is considered the SoN "meeting day."

Faculty Retreat

The school holds a one day annual faculty retreat prior to the beginning of autumn quarter classes. This is a strategic planning meeting to establish and discuss department goals. Attendance is encouraged.