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Schedule of Reviews

The following plan has been approved for the School to review, revise, and communicate changes in policies, documents, and resources. Applicable CCNE Key Elements are listed below, with full text of each element available on the CCNE Web site.

Documents & Resources Reviewed & Changes Communicated CCNE Key Element Frequency Responsible Last Revised
School Mission I-A. Every year Shared Leadership Council 2013
School Goals I-A. Every year Shared Leadership Council 2013
Expected Student Outcomes for BSN, MN, MS, & DNP Programs I-B. Every 2 years, Spring Quarter Coordinating Committees 2013
School Documents & Publications I-E. Every 2 years, Summer Quarter Academic Services 2012
School Academic Policies I-F. Annually, Summer Quarter Academic Services, Faculty 2013
Fiscal & Physical Resources II-A. Every 2 years Executive Director for Finance and Administration 2013
HS Library Nursing Student Resources II-B. Annually, Spring Quarter & ongoing HS Library Liaison to SoN 2013
Technology, Distance Education Support Resources II-B. Annually, Spring Quarter TIER 2013
Research Supports II-B. Annually, Spring Quarter ONR 2013
Admissions Policies & Advising Service Resources II-B. Annually, Summer Quarter Academic Services 2013
Recruitment Plan II-B. Every 5 years Academic Services 2013
Curriculum III-H. Annually, Spring Quarter Coordinating Committee 2013
Teaching-Learning Practices III-H. Quarterly Vice Chairs for Education 2013

November 2013
Academic Services Memo No. 1