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Perinatal Nurse Specialist (PNS)

The Perinatal Nurse Specialist (PNS) track within the Doctor of Nursing Practice program focuses on care of the childbearing family and prepares nurses for roles in a variety of perinatal health care settings. Throughout the program you will have opportunities to develop advanced knowledge and skill in perinatal/neonatal nursing. Courses include content on nursing concepts, individual and family development, physiological concepts, pathophysiology, role development, and research.

Advanced nursing courses and electives integrate theoretical content and clinical experiences and assist you in expanding your knowledge of perinatal health, examination and application of research findings in perinatal nursing and development and evaluation of the clinical nurse specialist and other advanced nurse practice roles in perinatal care. Exploration and analysis of normal physiologic changes and psychosocial events during the childbearing cycle, pathophysiologic events and chronic health problems affecting the mother, fetus and/or neonate in at risk situations and family adaptations. Graduates of this program have taken positions as a PNS, maternity clinical nurse specialist, nurse manager, outreach educator, and in staff development and community settings.

Opportunities for both full and part time study and modified distance learning options are available. The DNP Core courses generally meet 5-6 times per Quarter and the Specialty course generally meet 2-3 times per Quarter or online.  The clinical Preceptorship and DNP Final Project courses may be arranged at a clinical site closer to your home, if contracts are available.  We cannot guarantee clinical placements will be close to your home.  All clinical placements are made at the sole discretion of the faculty and staff of the program.

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