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Future Roles as a DNP

Many prospective students ask us, "What will I be able to do with a DNP degree?" See the list below for just a few of the diverse job opportunities our recent DNP graduates have accepted!

  • Faculty at a major university school of nursing
  • Director of Occupational Health at a major medical center
  • APRN in cardiology
  • APRN at a pain clinic within a major medical Center
  • Manager of a stroke center within a major medical center; position includes both clinical (outpatient APRN role), administrative and leadership (program development at institutional and regional levels) roles
  • Advancing evidenced based nursing and quality indicators for an HMO
  • Rural clinic APRN; role includes translating evidence into practice initiatives
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for a non-profit community mental health center
  • APRN at a Veteran Affairs hospital; role includes both clinical practice (primary care) and administrative duties
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow for a department of psychiatry and owner of a private psychiatric/mental health practice with prescriptive authority
  • Medical director for a state community mental health center