VA Puget Sound Health Systems

Paperwork to Complete

 Submit paperwork to your clinical instructor. Please carefully read the VA Instructions, and type all paperwork:

  1. Fingerprint Prep Sheet
    • ​​Service Line/Department: Nursing
    • Job Title: WOC Student Nurse
    • Status: WOC w/letter
    • Start Date: Leave blank 
  2. Application for Health Professions Trainees (VA form 10-2850D)
  3. Declaration for Federal Employment (Form 306)
  4. Clinical Trainee Registration Form
  5. TMS Certificate of Completion
  6. PIV ID Proofing Criteria

TMS Training

  • All nursing students are required to complete VA Mandatory Training for Trainees (MTT) prior to clinical rotation. Trainees must self-enroll in Talent Management System (TMS) in order to complete this required training:
    • You MUST follow the directions on how to self-enroll in TMS or you risk serious delay in regards to your onboarding process. Self-enroll by creating your TMS profile at the above link. Once you are on the TMS website, follow the steps listed on pages 2-3 to create your profile to launch the mandatory training course. Complete the content and print the Certificate of Completion. Return your certificate to your instructor with your other paperwork
  • Badging/Fingerprint Appointments

    Your instructor our course coordinator will email you the attachment "How do I make my first and second fingerprint appointment" 
    You will need to self-schedule your own 1st and 2nd appointment. All appointments are Mandatory. You will also need a 3rd computer training appointment. This will be a grouped appointment, Your clinical instructor/course coordinator will announce the group date of your 3rd appointment, This is also mandatory. Do not worry about the SOI and SON as that is only for people who are transferred from another VA.   All you need is to refer to your attachment PIV proofing criteria to bring 2 IDs with you.  (one ID needs to have photo. The spelling of your names has to be identical on both two IDs that you will bring to the VA). 

  • Effective immediately on November 28th 2014, all WOC nursing students’ badges are valid for one year from the date they were being sponsored.  Please pay attention to their VA badge expiration date.

    If the student is returning back to VA Puget Sound within one year after they are being badged for the 1st time since November 28, 2014, students are responsible to maintain their own badges, so they can continue to wear the valid badge during their 2nd , or 3rd clinical rotation at VA Puget Sound. If the student is not returning back to VA Puget Sound, the student needs to turn-in their VA Puget Sound badge to their clinical instructor to turn-in back to HR security office upon completion of the clinical rotation.  


  • Please refer to the  PDF file ( sent by your clinical instructor/course coordinator) to self-reserve your 1st FP and 2nd badge appointments.  Report to your appointment date/time on time . Please do not wait until the start of the quarter to act, please plan ahead, and act now as the schedule fill up fairly quick!!!

  • Please notify your instructor/course coordinator the date of your 2nd badge appointment: THIS STEP helps your instructor to estimate a date and make arrangement for 3rd computer access training as a group before your clinical rotation starts.  If students waits until the last minute to schedule their 1st fingerprinting and 2nd badging appointment, they will be at risk to delay their clinical rotation

  • Directions to the VA


Besides parking at Fed Center South (map and schedule attached), there is now another option to take the shuttle from UW D wing (map and schedule attached).   The schedule for both Fed Center South shuttle and VA-UW shuttle are ideal for day shift.  For students who come during evening shift, they may park in the hospital lot E after 2:30PM.  For evening shift, the best way is to suggest students car pool so they are in and out around the same time with company for safety purpose. 

Additional Requirements

  • This training is required for all new students and new trainees to the VA, and is in addition to the certificate that is currently required.
  • Special note: All male students ages 18 to 27 with permanent resident status must show proof of registration for military duty.
  • The VA does NOT require a copy of the Clinical Passport.
  • If you are not a US Citizen, you cannot have a clinical placement at the VA. Please contact Jenn Rathe in Student and Academic Services.
  • For WOC nursing instructors:  badge are valid for 3 years, different than the student’s badge that’s valid for 1 year.


Please contact your clinical instructor.