University of Washington Medical Center

Returning Students

  • Need to review insulin, hep, central line content.
  • Med permission is unit specific; UWMC rolls out bar code med system Feb 19, 2014, affecting some units.  Lauren Cline awaits further direction from leadership as to whether our students can use the bar codes.

New Students

The URL is available after students have a computer account. This requires a UW Medicine Account. Your instructor will let you know when your account is ready for you to access the URL and the required modules that you will need to complete for your rotation. 

Complete Before Clinical Orientation

Per the UW Medicine security policy, you cannot have your UW email forwarded to an outside email account; you are required to use a '' or '' email address. If you use the email forwarding service, it will need to be deactivated for the duration of your clinical rotation. You are considered a UW Medicine Workforce Member until the end of your clinical rotation. If you are auto-forwarding email at this time, disable this feature IMMEDIATELY through the following website: To change your email forwarding, choose “Forward to UW Deskmail” then choose “OK.” If you need help setting your forwarding correctly, please contact UW Medicine IT service at (206) 543-7012. You can also contact the UW-IT Service Center at (206) 221-5000 or send an email to reference, please see UW Medicine's Electronic Data Policy located at:

All UWMC paperwork will be handled through your instructor.

Student and Academic Services will coordinate and submit your passport to UWMC.

Computer Training ORCA

All students will need to attend a mandatory computer training class. Your instructor will provide you with the accurate day, time, and location of the trainings. 

Dress Code

The student dress code is described in the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) Administrative Policies and Procedures and in the UW School of Nursing (SON) Student Handbook relative to the following:


-        Uniform

-        Closed Toe Shoes

-        Appearance/Hygiene

-        Stethoscope and watch

-        Stud  Earrings and small nose studs are the only acceptable forms of visible pierced jewelry

-        Tattoos must be covered

-        We are a fragrance free zone *includes hand lotion, perfume, hair products


Students are expected to follow the dress standards set forth by the SON and by UWMC.  Students are guests at UWMC and representatives of the SON.  Their behavior and appearance must show respect for patients and their families, and for the nursing profession during all clinical activities.  These clinical activities include the time when students are getting their patient assignments and reviewing the patient’s medical record. Our patients derive confidence and comfort from caregivers whose appearance and behavior is professional.  Examples of inappropriate attire include:


-        Jeans, shorts, fatigues

-        See-through knit attire/thong underwear

-        Knit shirts revealing cleavage/midriff in female students

-        High heels/boots/flip-flops

-        Flashy jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings)

-        Acrylic nails

-        Scrubs (exceptions made for observational experiences in specialty clinics and the OR)



Additional Site Requirements

  • Color vision screen. Students who fail their color vision are exempt from Point of care testing and need to seek help to do the task.  You are still able to come to clinical.
  • Flu vaccination