424 Planned Enrollment Table

The Targeted/Enrollment Table is no longer a PDF attachment in the Research Plan.  The optional inclusion form allows for the collection as discrete data rather than PDF attachments.

Study TitleEnter a unique title that describes the study that the participants will be involved in. If there is more than one study, provide a separate Study Title for each. Follow the instructions provided in the Application Guide and the FOA regarding the Inclusion of Women and Minorities. (Maximum 250 characters; this is a required field)
Domestic/ForeignSelect whether the participants described in the planned enrollment report are domestic or foreign. At a minimum, domestic and foreign participants must be reported separately even if for the same study. This is a required field.
CommentsEnter information you wish to provide about this planned enrollment report. This includes but is not limited to addressing information about distinctive subpopulations if relevant to the scientific hypotheses being studied and/or a study that will have a delayed onset. (Maximum 500 characters)
Ethnic CategoriesEnter the expected number of females and males (in the respective fields).  Required.
Totals Auto-calculated