Incoming Subcontracts


Before planning any budget detail, the UW PI should determine what activities will be required of the subcontract so they can prepare an estimated budget for their activities.

  • The PI will need to work closely with those who are developing this estimate to ensure that it will be feasible within the larger budget. 
  • Before accepting a final budget, the PI and other staff should ensure that the proper business official at the subcontract institution has reviewed these costs.
  • The PI at the UW should receive a finalized budget from the subcontract before finalizing their budget for the parent grant.

See Incoming Subcontract Budget for more details

    Grant forms

    UW requires all subcontractors to submit a letter of agreement that includes a budget and justificationscope of work, and appropriate approval from the subcontract institution.

    • These items are sent to the PI at UW who forwards them to OSP with other eGC-1 materials.
    • If the project at UW is preparing a 424 form that uses the full (not modular) budget, the subcontract must also prepare a 424 subaward budget form.
    • The grant funder will have additional forms that are required. Be aware and informed about any special requirements that are in the funding opportunity or specified in their grant policy.

    Approval process

    The subcontract must be approved by the PI or project lead at the subcontract institution.

    • The institution must approve the subcontract as well - either by the grants office or authorized business official.
    • The person with the authority to do this will vary based on the structure of the institution.
    • The subcontract must be approved by our Office of Sponsored Programs.
    • All components of the subcontract should uploaded to the SAGE system before the eGC-1 is completed.
    • Applicants should request that the subcontract be completed at least 1-2 weeks before the grant is submitted for internal approval. In other words, a subcontract should work towards a deadline that is four weeks before the sponsor deadline.


    The UW project will include any needed forms with their application to the sponsor. The Office of Sponsored programs will not allow a grant to be submitted if their subcontract is not complete and included.

    • Keep in mind, that some forms requested by UW may not be requested by the sponsor of the UW contract.
      • Example: Some projects do not require a detailed budget for their grant applications. 
    • However, neither OSP nor the SON will approve a subcontract that does not provide this information. In this case, it is not appropriate to include a full detailed budget for the subcontract if the UW project is not submitting one. 
    • Use your judgment to determine which information will be submitted with the final application.