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SoN Hosts Malawi Nurses

The School of Nursing responded to a request by UW  I-TECH Office, Department of Global Health, to host two nursing colleagues from their Malawi I-TECH office: Rose Wasili, Senior Program Manager for Nursing Education, I-TECH, formerly Principal of the St. Joseph's College of Nursing and Regina Msolomba, Senior Nurse Technical Advisor, I-TECH, formerly Senior Faculty member at the Kamuzu College of Nursing. They were accompanied by members of the I-TECH Seattle office Sheena Jacob, Senior Nursing Advisor and Sika Holman, Nurse Advisor.

Our visitors were interested in meeting with SoN faculty to exchange information and practices. They discussed ABSN and BSN curriculums with Dagmar Schmidt and Vicky Hertig; the midwifery program with Karen Hays and Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon; and visited the CENE Learning Lab with Bobbie Salveson.

Diane Magyary, PCH, shared with our visitors an ongoing health oriented project in Malawi, which recently received additional funding to expand the project and continue to engage in collaborative  efforts in Malawi. Magyary recently recieved funding from a private foundation who read about her work in an issue of UW Columns Magazine.