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UW Program Helps Parents "Get a Clue" with "BabyCues"


For immediate release
Date:    2003

A new product from the School of Nursing at the University of Washington promises to help parents, grandparents and other caregivers become more "tuned in" to the infants and young children in their lives. Designed for use at home, in the clinical setting, or as a teaching tool in the classroom, "BabyCues" is an easy-to-use "deck" of 46 photo cards packaged in a colorful box with six "sorting cards" and an educational foldout with instructions for use. Based on over 30 years of research on the ways that infants communicate their needs and feelings without speech, this innovative approach to parent education is designed to enhance the quality of child-caregiver interactions in order to advance the child's social, emotional and intellectual development.

The cards were developed by NCAST-AvenUW Programs at the University of Washington using hundreds of videos and still photographs of a very diverse group of infants and young children. The photographs were carefully sorted and screened for the best examples of common child "cues," such as the facial features or body language that might mean, "I'm full" or "I need a break." Each card includes a different photo with an explanation of the type and intensity of the "cue"on the back. Practicing with the cards can help parents gain confidence, improve their parenting skills, and ultimately enhance their relationship with their young child. "'BabyCues' are a way to share the vast knowledge we have acquired about infant attachment and development directly with parents," says Dr. Jean Kelly, NCAST-AvenUW Director. "We hope that they will help improve the future lives of our children and the health of our communities."

"BabyCues" will be available for distribution July 7, and includes a Spanish version. Cost is $24.95, with all proceeds supporting further development and dissemination of research-based products to advance the well being of children and families. Orders can be placed on-line at, or by calling NCAST-AvenUW at 206-543-8528.


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