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Faculty, Students and Alumni to present at American Geriatrics Society National Meeting

The American Geriatrics Society National Meeting will feature several SoN Faculty and Students in abstracts and poster presentations. The conference will take place here in Seattle, May 3-5. You can learn more about the conference here.


--The Relationships between the Type of Long-Term Care Benefits and Cognitive Function among Long-Term Care Insurance Beneficiaries with Dementia in Korea, 2008-2010.

T. Lee,1 J. Chung, E. Cho.

--Defining Dementia Multimorbidity in a National Sample.

Tatiana Sadak, J. Katon, S. Borson.

--Positive Aging Phenotypes in Older Women: Observations from the Women’s Health Initiative Study.

Nancy Woods, Andrea LaCroix, Barbara Cochrane, Oleg Zaslavsky (PhD Student)

--Trajectories of Positive Aging: Observations from the Women’s

Health Initiative Study.

Oleg Zaslavsky, Nancy Woods, Barbara Cochrane, Andrea LaCroix

--Relationship of Aging and the Inflammatory Response on

Outcomes following Traumatic Brain Injury.

Hilaire Thompson, T. Rue, K. Becker, D. Zierath, F. Rivara.

--Exploring the Relationship between Computerized Measures of

Gait and Lower Extremity Function, Balance and Fear of Falling.

E. McGough, Hilaire Thompson, T. Le, S. Chaudhuri, George Demiris.

--Food Access in Aging Adults with Impaired Mobility.

D. L. Huang, D. E. Rosenberg, Shannon Petz (PhD Student), Basia Belza.