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BSN Students showcase research at UW Undergraduate Research Symposium

For Immediate Release
Date: May 22, 2012
By: Ashley Wiggin,, 206-221-2456

Five BSN students showcased their research at last week’s Undergraduate Research Symposium in Mary Gates Hall, four in poster presentations and one in an oral presentation. The students joined more than 1,000 other undergraduate projects from across campus to put their research skills to the test in this public setting.

The BSN Seniors, Olivia Craggs, Colleen McCorkell, Sakuna Thongchanh, Sarah McDowell and Asha Farah all noted that they had appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Research Program.

“It was a great opportunity to work with a faculty mentor on very interesting research,” said Craggs, who worked with Assistant Professor Betty Bekemeier on the impact of budget cuts to health departments.

“This is exciting new research that tells us something we didn’t know before,” said Monica Oxford, Research Associate Professor in Family and Child Nursing, and mentor for student Colleen McCorkell.

The students all had the opportunity to do research in areas of interest to them personally. McCorkell’s project explored parent-child relationships through of child disengagement cues. Thongchanh’s project looked closely at providing culturally competent care to Somali Women Immigrants. McDowell’s work studied the sources of sexual and reproductive health information among Luo youth in Africa. Farah gave an oral presentation titled “Giving Circles: Creating Greater awareness of Obstetric Fistula.”

Check out photos of the event on our Facebook page. Read more about the symposium and the student presentations here.