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PhD student becomes first to graduate with Nursing Science Statistics Concentration

Oleg ZaslavskyOleg ZaslavskyOleg Zaslavsky, who completed his PhD this summer, is the first Nursing PhD graduate to complete the Nursing Science Statistics Area of Concentration, offered by the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS) in collaboration with the SON.  Dr. Zaslavsky successfully defended his dissertation, “Longitudinal Dynamics in Indicators of Frailty: Predictors and Long-Term Outcomes,” on July 19, 2012 (Chair: Barbara Cochrane).  He used latent growth mixture modeling to examine trajectories of change in musculoskeletal and neuro-cognitive indicators of frailty in older women, using the large Women’s Health Initiative database.  Dr. Zaslavsky indicated that the Concentration was “invaluable to the conduct of his dissertation analysis.”

Currently, Amy Knopf is also pursuing this program option and plans to complete her work later this year.  The program requires that the doctoral student complete CSSS advanced statistical coursework (14 additional credits beyond the usual 10 credits for a PhD in Nursing Science).  CSSS provides state of the art training in statistical methods with the mission of providing translation, experience, and research collaboration with the social and behavioral sciences.  Of the program, the new Dr. Zaslavsky stated that he was honored to be the first student to complete the concentration and that the program is “indeed excellent and rewarding.”  Congratulations to Oleg on his accomplishments!

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