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Looking to help with disaster relief efforts locally? Get involved with the King County Public Health Reserve Corps!

Red Cross

While "disaster relief" often conjures images of tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes around the world, we need disaster relief teams locally too. Our recent snowstorms left thousands without power and in difficult situations, in need of all kinds of medical and non-medical assistance.

Maggie baker nurse corpsMaggie baker nurse corpsThat's where agencies like the King County Public Health Reserve Corps (PHRC) come in. With the help of volunteers like School of Nursing Associate Professor Maggie Baker and others from the School of Nursing Community, PHRC provides support and assistance during a public health emergency or disaster. Recently, this group provided support and services during the January snowstorm.

The mission of the PHRC is to enhance public health’s ability to respond to public health emergencies or disasters to limit injury, illness, suffering and death. Both medical and non-medical volunteers are part of the Corps, including veterinary volunteers, behavioral health professionals (such as pyschologists and psychiatrists), medical volunteers and non-medical support including administration and logistics coordinators.

Get involved in this great opportunity to help your neighbors, friends and local community!

Associate Professor Maggie Baker at the Red Cross shelter setup in Issaquah, WA during the January snowstorms