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Changing Grocery stores to Promote Health

Nursing Students at Red Apple MarketNursing Students at Red Apple MarketSchool of Nursing students have worked with the management team of Red Apple Market, an independent grocery store,  to offer ideas to help improve customer purchasing of fresh fruits and vegetables. Research indicates that: store design impacts buying habits; healthy foods and reminders about healthy foods need to be in  plain sight; and increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables can prevent chronic diseases. The managers have agreed to add a fresh fruit basket to the deli counter and have a child friendly produce section to inspire children to ask about fruits and vegetables. This store is located in a historically underserved area, the Central District, and serves populations with a history of multiple chronic diseases.

This is part of a service project that is funded by the Seattle King County Public Health Department.  The art-work that draws attention to healthy snacks was created by  nursing students working with SoN Professor Doris Boutain RN PhD.