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Faculty member receives award from Native Research Network Inc.

June Strickland AwardJune Strickland AwardDr. C. June Strickland was awarded the national Native Research Network ( NRN)  Dr. Frank C. Dukepoo senior Native researcher award at the annual conference held  in Seattle, WA July 17- 19, 2012. The award recognizes the promotion of integrity, respect, and excellence in Native health research and an historical and well documented career including an exceptional research career.  

At the award ceremony the NRN presented Dr. Strickland with a plaque and a Pendleton blanket and shared the following information about her work:  Dr. Strickland, Echota Cherokee is Associate Professor in PCH in the School of Nursing at the University of Washington, Seattle. Her current research is in health related behavior change ( prevention) with Pacific Northwest Indian people, e.g. youth suicide prevention, pain, depression, and cancer.  As an Indian graduate faculty member, she is committed to developing culturally appropriate instruments, examining cultural appropriateness of research methods, and exploring the fit of theories and strategies used in mainstream populations for Indian communities.  Her educational preparation is in change theory and she works both at the individual and structural/policy level to address change.  Her research is both qualitative and in  quantitative and she is committed to involvement of the community in her research practice.  Much of her qualitative work is devoted to the development of theoretical models that may be more appropriate for Indian populations.  She maintains and supervises field sites for both undergraduate and graduate students in rural Indian reservation communities in Washington state.

Dr. Strickland shared her honor  with Washington state Indian people who have been partners in her research of over 30 years with those attending the conference in a group photo.