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As Good As It Gets

Judy ShannonJudy ShannonFor Judy Shannon, working in the Ida Culver House community is "as good as it gets."

"I was thinking of a career change when my mom went into the hospital. After watching the nurses who cared for her, I felt I needed to do something that mattered more." She has never looked back.

"We have so many bright, interesting people here," she observes. "Retired doctors and schoolteachers, a former symphony conductor, successful business people and several entrepreneurs." Even the oldest residents may be involved in activities outside of the community, she says. "They often catch me off guard with their amazing sense of humor and their abilities."

A former librarian who came to nursing as a second career, Shannon cannot say enough about the satisfaction she receives from working with older adults.

"Most nursing students seem to want to do pediatrics, or hospital care," she observes. "Although we need nurses in both these areas, students who have never experienced geriatric care don't know what they are missing. It's all about relationships, and two days are never the same."

CREDIT:  Judy Shannon, community health director at Ida Culver House Broadview, enjoys a funny story with resident Mary Lauritsen