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Lori Jaimes, ANP-DNP student, named 2012-2014 Jonas Scholar

Lorena "Lori" Jaimes RN, MN, Adult Nurse Practitioner student in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, was recently selected for the Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program for 2012-2014. Her doctoral capstone project involves improving nursing education by developing a supplement to the current pain module at the Puget Sound VA that is focused on pain management for soldiers following traumatic brain injuries.

The Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program was created in 2008 to support educational development of new nursing faculty and stimulate models for joint faculty appointments between schools of nursing and clinical affiliates. The program was expanded in 2010 to fund 59 doctoral nursing students. The grants, made through institutional awards, also prepare doctoral candidates to help their students address the needs of future patients – from dealing with co-morbidities and chronic illnesses to providing culturally competent care. Learn more about the program here.

Earlier this year, Lori was also awarded a scholarship from the Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation for her work in pain research. Read more here.