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ARCS luncheon celebrates new School of Nursing Scholars; new fellowship created by Dean Salmon

For Immediate Release
Date: October 20, 2011
By: Ashley Wiggin,, 206-221-2456

Joane Montgomery with ARCS ScholarsJoane Montgomery with ARCS ScholarsUW Nursing graduate students Musetta Chang-Chi Fu and Lisa Taylor Swanson were among the first-year graduate fellows honored at a luncheon by the Seattle chapter of Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation in early October.  Fu, formerly an intensive care nurse at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center, in Cleveland, Ohio, is currently a PhD student researching musical interventions to promote healthy aging in geriatric populations. She is the inaugural recipient of the "UW Nursing Recognition Fellowship," established by Dean Marla Salmon. Swanson has a Masters degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine, and was formerly involved in developmental psychology research at the University of Utah. She was the recipient of the "ARCS Light in honor of Janet McNae" Fellowship.

"ARCS scholars are remarkable in general but particularly special in nursing," said Dean Salmon. "These are top notch individuals whose quality commitment to the advancement of knowledge for the benefit of humankind sets them apart. It is wonderful and gratifying to have our students recognized and supported in this way."

UW School of Nursing alumna, Joanne Montgomery, BSN ’77, is a member of the Seattle chapter board and lobbied passionately for the inclusion of Nursing as an eligible department for ARCS fellowships. She achieved her goal in 2006 and ARCS has now funded nine UW Nursing fellows, each of whom receives an award of $17,500 over three years. Joanne and her husband, Dr. Bruce Montgomery, ’75, ’79, have created an endowment at ARCS to fund both nursing and chemistry students. Joanne has also inspired other supporters of Nursing to contribute, including Dean Marla Salmon, who last year established the UW Nursing Recognition Fellowship, in recognition of the 4th decade of the School of Nursing PhD program and the faculty, staff and students who made this possible. 

Dean Salmon, Musetta Chang-Chi Fu, Joanne Montgomery 101011Dean Salmon, Musetta Chang-Chi Fu, Joanne Montgomery 101011As a leader in PhD education for several years, the School of Nursing recently celebrated four decades of PhD Education. Dean Salmon notes the importance of the contributions made by faculty and staff in creating these possibilities for students, and how this was the cornerstone of her decision to create the ARCS fellowship. 

“I believe that it is the responsibility of the dean to personally invest in the future of the discipline and in the school and university,” said Salmon.  “ You can call it citizenship, commitment, or sense of responsibility.  Whatever it is, it is something that anyone in an academic administrative role should do. This kind of contribution as a dean helps to encourage other deans to provide support  for graduate students across the university.  We are not alone in the need for graduate fellowships.  I am pleased that we as a school are on the forefront of this kind of support for both our students and for other outstanding graduate students.”

Founded  in 1978 as part of ARCS Foundation National, a group of 1,600 visionary women who wished to make a real difference in the advancement of science through funding graduate fellowships, the Seattle ARCS chapter is one of the most successful chapters in the nation.  More than 100 women strong, it was one of the first to include nursing in its Fellowship awards.  Last year, the chapter funded 98 deserving PhD candidates at UW and WSU with more than half a million dollars in fellowship support. The UW School of Nursing’s involvement with ARCS has allowed for the support of its PhD students since 2006. Past recipients of ARCS fellowships are listed below, along with their donors.

Photo captions:

Photo 1- Board member Joanne Montgomery (right) celebrates with ARCS Scholars Musetta Chang-Chi Fu (center) and Lisa Taylor Swanson (left) at this year’s Scholar and Donor Reception, November 8, 2011, at the University of Washington Club.

Photo 2- Musetta Chang-Chi Fu (middle) with Dean Marla Salmon (left) and Board member Joanne Montgomery (right) at the ARCS Luncheon on October 10, at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel.

2010-12 ARCS Second-Year Fellows

Pamela Kohler; donors are Ruth and William P. Gerberding (Ruth & William P. Gerberding ARCS Endowment); Sharon McRae; donors are Anne Simpson & Charlie Conner with Kathy & Brooks Simpson

2009-11 ARCS Third-Year Fellows

Francine Buckner; donors are Sandy Carlson & Julie Tall; Rebecca O’Connor; donors are Linda & Tony Whatley


2008-10 ARCS Fellows

Shervin Churchill; donors are Burdette & John McClelland

2007-09 ARCS Fellows

Christopher Imes; donor is Carol Wright; Steve Palazzo; donors are Lynn Manley and Lex Lindsey (Chisholm Foundation ARCS Endowment)

2006-08 ARCS Fellows

Jeanne Lowe; donors are Jan & Donald Bauermeister; Joseph Tariman; donors are Shari & John Behnke