R. Hunter Simpson Global Service Learning Fellowship

The R. Hunter Simpson Global Service Learning Fellowship gives nursing students the opportunity to pursue meaningful service learning and immersion experiences in health care and society in cultures different from their own. While international experiences are a top priority, cross-cultural immersion experiences that address global health disparities for individuals, families, and communities in this country are also eligible.

The student applicant identifies and proposes an independent service learning and immersion experience, including identifying a faculty sponsor in the School of Nursing. This faculty sponsor will determine whether or not to approve two credits of independent study. The Simpson Global Service Learning Fellowship provides $5,000 to be used to pay travel expenses, supplies, and other costs directly associated with the proposed global service learning experience. The applicant must be a matriculated student at the University of Washington School of Nursing when applying and while subsequently undertaking the proposed experience during that calendar year.

The School of Nursing is grateful to the Simpson family for catalyzing innovative student service learning. This fellowship honors their son, R. Hunter Simpson. As a young teenager, Hunter volunteered many weekends and summers serving meals to the homeless and building homes during the summers in Tijuana, Mexico for the poor. The fellowship has been in place since 2007 and has provided the opportunity for nursing students to be engaged in meaningful service learning in helping people in other parts of the world.

Application Period is now open! 

The application has two parts: a proposal and a faculty recommendation form. Both parts must be received via email to Laura Mason, ljmason@uw.edu, by 11:49 pm on May 31, 2015 (Sunday before mid-night).  Late applications will not be considered.  Please see attached application and the documents needed to apply.