International Visitors

Short-Term Visits

The University of Washington School of Nursing welcomes short-term visitors with advance notice. We can welcome one to six people per group. Visits are one to five days.


  • Contact¬†Jocelyn Maher (, Program Coordinator for International Programs, in advance.
  • Short visits are one to five days.
  • Many faculty are not available in the summer (June to September).
  • No visits are possible August 20 through September 30, 2016.
  • E-mails are answered within a week.
  • We make a schedule of appointments for you before you arrive.

Your Request

Please send to the Director of Student and Academic Services:

  1. Dates of your visit
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Goals of your visit
  4. Information you seek
  5. Names of faculty you would like to meet. We will contact them.
  6. Names, titles, and genders of each visitor
  7. Your best email address

Visitor Fee

Visitors pay a fee of $50 per person per day. The fees are non-refundable once a schedule is finalized. No cash is accepted. Please pay with check or money order from the post office. Write them payable to the "University of Washington School of Nursing". The nearest post office is located at 4244 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

Clinical Site Visits

Short term visits do not include clinical site observations and patient care. We are unable to arrange observation visits or any other type of visit to hospitals, clinical agencies, clinics due to complexities of onboarding and compliance requirements at clinical sites. If you are interested in a clinical site visit, please contact those facilities directly.

Other Information

  • School Overview
  • Curriculum design
  • Student Policies
  • Faculty Information
  • Research Projects
  • Centers and Programs