Hegyvary Citizens of the World Scholarship: Tips for the Process

Identify the Project

  1. Brainstorm Ideas - Capture an idea and go for it!
  • Read about cultural activities and issues that you want to know more about.
  • Read about activities in your area of interest and find needs for them in other cultures.
  • Listen to the experiences of others.
  • Take leads from others who have engaged in cross-cultural endeavors.
  1. Find the Contacts
  • Explore contacts already established by the School of Nursing.
  • Follow leads provided by those who have already participated in the activity or been in the culture.
  • Initiate contact with those who have written material in which you are interested (e-mail, postal mail, phone).
  • Students already prepared as RNs may want to explore opportunities with Health Volunteers Overseas. All students may want to explore opportunities through Himalayan Health Exchange.

Communication & Logistics

Budgeting the Trip

Consider the cost of:

  • Travel
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Immunizations
  • Gifts for the hosts
  • Books, copying, and learning materials

Additional Details to Remember

  • Establish your primary contact and work via the bureaucratically correct channels.
  • Clearly communicate your abilities and define what involvement your site/primary contact would like you to have.
  • Set boundaries and contract the intent for your visit.
  • Obtain an official invitation, if needed.
  • Be sure that official School of Nursing affiliation agreements are signed and in order.

Prepare for your Cultural Awareness Experience

  • Interview those who have experienced the culture.
  • Ask questions about dress, greetings, customs.
  • Remember that this is an EXCHANGE, so be prepared to learn from the people you meet and/or treat.
  • Use a phrase book to attempt to be responsible for getting your own needs met.
  • Consider familiarizing yourself with the look and sound of health care information in a different language, particularly the language spoken in your destination.
  • Minimize issues with sanitation by being prepared.
  • Most of all, balance ACTIVITY and REFLECTION, and have FUN with both!