Lecture Videos

Center-Sponsored Lectures and Streaming Videos

Below you will find video stream links to the Annual Spring Healthy Aging Lecture. This lecture series focuses on new research and trends in healthy aging, targeted to the general public particularly older adults and their caregivers

May 2014 - Focus on Falls: Preventing falls in Community Dwelling Older Adults

April 2013 - What's Your Nutrition IQ?

May 2012 - Am I Having a Senior Moment?

April 2011 - Crossroads of Cognitive Health

April 2010 - Active Through the Ages

April 2009 - Growing Old does Not Mean Sleeping Poorly

April 2008: -  Aging Thoughtfully: Optimizing Housing & Care Decisions

May 2006: - FROM PREVENTION TRIALS TO PRACTICE: What 160,000 U.S. Women Have Taught Us About Staying Well

May 2005 - WHOLE FOODS AND HEALTHY Aging: How to be a Pickle and Get Livelier with Age

In the Mood for Healthy Aging - 30-second video