School of Nursing Preceptor Standards

The requirements, skills, and training necessary to become a UW School of Nursing preceptor vary depending on the specific rotation. Generally, UW School of Nursing Preceptors are required to:

  • Meet or exceed all legal and professional standards required to provide patient care, including being actively licensed and in good standing with national, state or local regulatory bodies.
  • Have minimum of one-year clinical experience with at least 9 months in current setting.
  • Be compliant with all employee requirements set forth by the site, including policies, procedures, and trainings, and with all requirements defined in the site-School affiliation agreement.
  • Reflect about own ability to be accessible to the student, professionally and legally supervise the student during the experience, and provide sufficient number and variety of learning opportunities.
  • Provide a thorough orientation to the site for students before or at the start of the rotation to facilitate a smooth transition into the site, organize the student's experience, and optimize their use of available resources.
  • Be a role-model practitioner, providing a high standard for quality care that meets his/her professional code of ethics.
  • Be an effective, organized, enthusiastic teacher, supporting the student to meet their course objectives as outlined in the course syllabus.
  • Exhibit superior skills in interpersonal relationships, communication, leadership, and management.
  • Encourage self-directed learning.
  • Clearly explain the expectations for the student particularly in the areas of dress, conduct, scheduling of hours, and general characteristics of practice.
  • Constructively and privately convey feedback to the student.
  • Complete evaluation materials required by the School in an accurate, objective, and timely manner.
  • Communicate regularly with the student's clinical instructor regarding student performance and progress.