New Faculty Orientation

Welcome to the University of Washington School of Nursing!

Here you will find resources to help familiarize yourself with the School of Nursing, from teaching courses to the support departments and units within the School and University.

UW New Faculty Orientation

The Faculty Fellows Program is held annually in September and orients new faculty to the University and assists them in improving their teaching skills. Eligible participants (tenure-track full, associate, and assistant professors as well as full and senior lecturers with three or five year appointments) are encouraged to participate in the week-long program as an orientation to the campus. Research faculty will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must send a request to For more information please click here:

Leadership Profiles

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SoN Academic Departments

Biobehavioral Nursing & Health Systems (BNHS)

Family and Child Nursing (FCN)

Psychosocial and Community Health (PCH)

SoN Support Units