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Network Drive Storage

Service Description: 

Personal and shared file storage, backed up daily.

The School of Nursing provides Faculty and Staff file storage locations that are accessible from anywhere while connected to the SON network, including the campus WiFi network.  Files are available via the network in real time, from any computer on campus, both personal and institutionally owned. Windows, Mac and Linux computers are supported.  Off campus, users will be able to access their files via Remote Desktop Services.  Files are backed up, and self-service file restore functionality is provided.


UW faculty, UW staff

How to Order: 

Each SoN user is allocated personal space (V Drive) upon commencement of employment.  Access to shared storage (K and O Drives) is determined by role and coordinated through department administrators or PIs.



Service is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Support is available during business hours.This service may experience periodic outages for maintenance, service, or unexpected incidents. It is therefore recommended that systems and services integrating with the V, K or O Drives be designed to tolerate brief periods of unavailability.


No charges.

Service Level Description: 

SoN Storage is targeted as an always available service with minimal downtime. Systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for disruptions. On-call staff are available for outage resolution. User support is available during business hours only.

Support Information: 

Contact for more information.