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Remote Desktop Assistance

Step 1. Write down the IP address of your work computer

You can find your IP address on the upper right-hand corner of your desktop:







This IP address can occasionally change! Generally it will stay the same, however if you have your office computer replaced, or leave it turned off for an extended period, there is a chance that your computer will be assigned a new IP address. You will not be able to figure out this new address from home, so if you are planning on going home to work and want to play it safe, please make sure your IP address is still the same!

Step 2. Go home and connect (requires Internet connection)


  • Start
  • Programs or All Programs
  • Accessories
  • Remote Desktop Connection (click on this)
  • A Window will pop up that looks something like this:
  • Remote Desktop WindowRemote Desktop Window

In the box that says:, "Computer:" enter your IP address.
Click Connect.
Log on as normal.

Step 3. Troubleshooting

If you are having problems connecting, please make sure that you have a reliable internet connection. You can test this by visiting a website. If you are connected to the internet and you are unable to connect to your School of Nursing computer, your SON computer may be off. if you need immediate access to SON resources and you cannot connect via RDP, please check out our other remote access tools at /about/cant-log-in-we-can-help.html.