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Check your web publishing storage

Updated on January 25th, 2012 at 1:53 pm

Are you encountering the "You don't have JavaScript enabled" message and you're absolutely sure that you've checked and double checked your browser settings?
Is your TinyMCE editor not loading when you have selected "Filtered HTML" as the input format when editing a node?

You may have run out of web publishing storage for your NetID account that runs your Nursing Drupal build. When hitting or going over your max storage quota Drupal simply cannot allot the resources needed to properly load a page which can result in the above described situations.  To fix this you’ll have to add more storage to your web account.

Go to the (shared) UW NetID that is running your Drupal site via UW-IT’s management page and follow their instructions to add more web publishing storage to your account if you’ve hit your quota.

After adding the additional storage, flush all your caches and you're ready to carry on.