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2013-07-01 End of service notification

Updated on July 2nd, 2013 at 12:08 pm

The School of Nursing is no longer pushing out updates to support the SoN drupal 6 build. Your website will continue to run as-is and site administrators are responsible for any modifications to their site.

Running subversion (svn) updates from the School of Nursing repository can destabilize your website and is not recommended at this point. To prevent running svn updates from the School of Nursing svn repository it is recommended (but not required) that all svn folders are removed from your drupal folder. This can be done manually or you can use our svn removal tool. To use our tool do the following:

  1. SSH into your server.
  2. Retrieve our svn removal tool:
    svn export
  3. You will see the file added to the root folder of your server. Now change the file permissions:
    chmod +x
  4. Run the script:

Thank you for using the School of Nursing Drupal 6 build.