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2011-06-09 Update

Updated on June 9th, 2011 at 2:54 pm


We have updated our repository with the latest Drupal security update (6.22). Please perform the following steps to update your copy of the Nursing Drupal build. This update does not contain database updates but feel free to backup your mysql data before running the update.

Upgrade Path

  1. SSH into your server and change to the Drupal directory (~/public_html/drupal):
    cd public_html/drupal/

  2. You need to reset permissions on folder ~/sites/default/ before running the update:
    chmod 0755 sites/default/

  3. Now you are ready to update the files:
    svn update

    (Note! The update can take up to a minute so be patient)
  4. After the "updated to revision" confirmation you must reset the permissions on the ~/sites/default/ folder to their original state:
    chmod 0555 sites/default/

  5. Finally you update the site and flush the caches:
    drush updatedb

    (Note! a prompt to run all pending updates will show. Enter: y)