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2011-05-26 Update

Updated on May 16th, 2012 at 5:05 pm


The deploy script ( and the config sql helper file (config.sql) were updated to fix a minor bug. The Email Address for Failure Notices in the default Backup and Migrate profile was wrongly configured.

Upgrade path

Any deployments of revision 2396 or lower that have backups configured need to be manually updated (basically all sites that were deployed before this date). Site administrators need to do the following:

  • navigate the admin menu to: Content management > Backup and Migrate > Profiles
  • edit the Default Settings profile
  • go to Advanced Options
  • update the field labeled "Email Address for Failure Notices" to an email address other than "", most likely your own email or some departmental email address
  • Save profile


A fresh checkout of the deploy script will receive the updated deploy script and config sql helper file.