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2011-05-04 Update

Updated on May 31st, 2011 at 5:14 pm


  • The deploy script ( was updated to fix a minor bug. If you copy backups made by Drupal from a homer account to your own fileserver via WebDAV, a backup log is written with the commands that were run, ~/backups/backup.log. This log was not being truncated. It is now cleared every Saturday.
  • The deploy script ( was updated so that you can specify the UW Groups site name you want to use, in addition to the group stem. Previously, you would supply a group stem (such as uw_mydept_web) and Drupal would use the masking URL as the site name, or if none was supplied.

    However, there were cases where admins wanted multiple sites without masking URLs. With the build script as it was, all of those sites would share the same groups, as all of their groups would start with [group_stem]_depts.washington.edu_….

    It is now possible to specify the site name you want to use. It still defaults to the masking URL (or if none is supplied), but you can enter your own, e.g. bob. Using the example stem above, that site’s groups would be uw_mydept_web_bob_…

    The Technical Documentation.docx file was also updated to reflect the changes made to the deploy process.

Upgrade path

There is no need to upgrade any existing sites. As long as you do a fresh checkout of the deploy script whenever you deploy a new site, you will receive the updated deploy script.

If you want the updated docs, you can download them at: