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EDP Resources

Effective and valuable development can come from many sources including, mentoring, coaching, projects, activities, and more. Employee development is so much more than classroom or online training. It must be recognized as an unending set of activities, not one or two training events.

UW SoN will invest in both functional and developmental training. The actual dollar amount and the time afforded for that investment will depend on the current budget situation and organizational stability. Staff are expected to apply classroom learning to their work responsibilities and to share their new knowledge with their colleagues.

Below is a list of learning opportunities that may expand an employee’s learning outside the classroom setting.

  • Training and professional development classes, external to UW

  • Conferences

  • Guided self-study or independent study

  • Job enrichment or stretch assignments

  • Peer mentoring

  • Preparing and making presentations

  • Job shadowing

  • Networking

  • Participating on committees/workgroups

  • Lean involvement

  • Internships

UW Resources

UW Libraries (especially Foster Business School Library)

UW Computer Training

Environmental Health & Safety

Professional & Organizational Development (POD)

UW Women's Center

UW Work/life

Husky Toastmasters
email to Kyra Worrell at

The Whole U