Internship Overview


The purpose of the CHN internships is to provide students with opportunities to develop leadership knowledge and skills in community health systems nursing. Students engage in projects and issues in community/public health settings to integrate and synthesize didactic coursework and to develop knowledge and skills learned better in the real world.

MN students take 9 credits of internship courses (NCLIN 532, 533, 534) over three quarters, and students remain in the same internship site for three quarters. DNP students take 24 credits of internship courses (NCLIN 516, 517, 518, 801); students remain in the same placement for three quarters and may change the placement in the last quarter if new opportunities are needed to fulfill NCLIN 801 objectives.


The student is supervised by CHN faculty and works with a community liaison. The community liaison has intimate understanding of community processes, health issues, assets and strengths of communities, history and culture of communities, and can facilitate the movement of students in the community.

CHN faculty members have established partnerships with local communities and agencies (see Internship Sites for more information). Placement assignment is done before the first internship quarter starts.

Course Registration

Each internship course has its own course number. No faculty code is needed.


1 credit of clinical course equals 3 hours of clinical fieldwork internship. Thus, for a 3 credit NCLIN course, you will spend 9 hours per week, or 90 hours for the quarter, on your internship. Please plan to commit at least one day per week for each internship course.


Students will be involved in a monthly seminar for each NCLIN course. Specific seminar dates/times are on the UW Time Schedule.


Internship faculty supervisor may require students to complete a journal electronically to describe their experiences and for faculty feedback. Please consult with your internship faculty supervisor for details.


Student, internship faculty supervisor, seminar faculty, and community liaison (or preceptor) will evaluate the students' learning experiences and achievement of objectives each quarter.

Contract with Agency

An active contract is always required when a student is placed in an agency for clinical internship. The internship faculty supervisor will verify with the SoN Student and Academic Services office that a contract exists, or that one will be made.

Student Conduct

The student will be expected to adhere to the policies and procedures of the precepting organization and to maintain confidentiality with regard to the business of the organization. It is expected that the student will present him or herself in dress that is professional and appropriate for the situation. The student is expected to comply with organizational policies about name tags and other identification requirements.