CHN Core Classes

Students who started the program prior to Academic Year 2013-2014 would have taken NURS 578 Social Justice and Determinants of Health (3) and NURS 557 Health, Culture and Community (3). Both courses are under revisions as part of the DNP curricular change effort. New course number and description will be provided after the course changes are approved.

NURS 578 Social Justice and Determinants of Health (3)

Uses multiple data sources to critically analyze social justice and determinants of health in populations and communities. Critiques preventive theories related to the reduction of health disparities in complex systems. Examines theories related to the development, implementation, and evaluation of health policies and other systems' level approaches.

NURS 557 Health, Culture and Community (3)

A multidisciplinary approach to the development of leadership in personal and organizational cultural competence in community-based participatory research Emphasis is on understanding collaborative assessment, planning, and evaluation of health promotion and disease prevention programs to address the Social Determinants of Health at the population level. Offered: jointly with HSERV 576.

NURS 576 Assessment and Collaboration with Communities and Systems (3)

Examines, critiques and applies theory in assessing communities, populations, and systems cross-culturally; focuses on advanced practice, executive leadership/policy, and practice inquiry; broad definition of community includes organizations. Team work emphasized in assessment implementation, i.e., survey, interview, focus groups, observation/participant observation; advances understanding of social determinants of health. Offered: Autumn.

NSG 561 Community Health Systems for Equity (3)

Defines, evaluates, and synthesize how community health systems promote health equity. Emphasizes how various systems, such as care systems, public health, governmental, tribal, family, and social-kin, nonprofit, faith-based, and business systems, inhibit or promote communal health. Highlights advanced practice, practice inquiry, and leadership implications. Offered: Autumn.

NSG 511 Prevention Issues in Community Health (3) (DNP requirement only)

An interdisciplinary overview of community health prevention approaches focusing on the social determinants of health and health disparity reduction among vulnerable populations. Analysis of community and population preventive strategies across the life course. Roles of advanced community health nurses as prevention leaders and consumers of prevention information are emphasized. Offered: Winter.