The Northwest Roybal Center for Translational Research on Aging


One of the greatest challenges facing health care in the years ahead is providing quality and effective care for the rapidly growing numbers of older adults suffering from cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias. Regionally, nationally, and internationally, this devastating disease effects over 6 million adults with family members, paid and unpaid caregivers providing an estimated 17.4 billion hours of care.  More formal health care for these affected individuals have been estimated upwards of $200 billion!

There is hope on the horizon.  Significant gains in behavioral, social and medical research have offered clear intervention strategies that may dramatically improve the care of these individuals in the variety of settings in which they live, including private homes, adult family homes, nursing homes, and other long term care settings.

The mission of the Northwest Roybal Center (NRC) is to bring these research gains into the community where they can do the most good.  Our goal is to improve the health, well-being, quality of life, and productivity of older adults with cognitive impairment, midlife and older adults at risk for cognitive impairment, and caregivers along the full continuum of environments in which older adults reside and receive care (including private homes, retirement communities, assisted living residences, adult family homes and skilled nursing facilities). 

The NRC is a collaboration between the Northwest Research Group on Aging, a consortium of clinicians and researchers with a strong foundation of evidence-based research conducted via 20-plus years funding by the National Institutes on Health (NIH); the University of Washington School of Nursing, the #1 School of Nursing for research in the United States; and Group Health Cooperative Center for Health Studies, part of the largest health maintenance organization in the United States and a member of the HMO Research Network (HMORN). These multidisciplinary collaborators share a commitment to improving care through the direct translation of research into practice. Please join us as we address one of the most prevalent and important public health issues of the 21st century.


Research Funding Opportunity

The Northwest Roybal Center for Translational Research on Aging is pleased to announce the availability of noncompeting administrative supplements from the National Institute of Health/National Institute on Aging to increase the diversity of the health related research workforce.

Pilot proposals will be submitted through the Northwest Roybal Center parent grant, must contribute to the Northwest Roybal Center Mission, and must advance the research career development of the candidate.

Who is Eligible?

  1. Early Career Investigators who represent racial and ethnic groups that have been shown to be under-represented in biomedical research.
  2. The investigator must be employed at the junior faculty level (instructor or assistant professor) with at least one year of postdoctoral or equivalent research experience.

Applications will be reviewed by the Roybal Center Scientific Advisory Board using the following selection criteria:

  • Appropriateness of applicant for the program.
  • Goals and aims for the pilot project
  • Scientific merit of the proposed research
  • Feasibility to complete the project within the time frame

For more information please contact:  Rebecca Logsdon, PhD, Roybal Pilot Core Co-director (, or Linda Teri, PhD, Roybal Center Director (