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2003-2004 Scholars












Pictured are de Tornyay Center and Aljoya Healthy Aging Scholars at our May 2004 Scholars Presentations and Reception event

Below is a list of our scholarship recipients for the 2003-2004 academic year and their research topics.  By clicking on the students' research topics, you will be linked to their brief Powerpoint slides that were presented at our Healthy Aging Scholars Presentations and Reception.



Current Scholars

Program Student Topic Faculty Mentor
Victoria Rose Brunette Assisting the family caregiver: providing care for the older adult desiring hospice in the home Basia Belza
  Daniel Dingle A review of acupuncture research in the treatment of heart disease in the elderly Jane Cornman
  Elizabeth Ann Dunn The health benefits of yoga for aging adults Cathryn Booth-LaForce
  Stephanie Grompe Depression and pleasant events in assisted living residents with dementia Rebecca Logsdon
  Ingrid Chrie Landerth Depression and older adults Marilynn Albert
  Karen Ann Lasota Declining social connections and friendships in older adults Marie-Annette Brown
  Kara Anne Mullane Dietary fiber intake and its relation to predominant stool pattern in women with irritable bowel syndrome Monica Jarrett
  Susan Rudolph Stroke knowledge in seniors Eleanor Bond
  Saroj Bala Sivaramakrishnan Healthy aging among U.S. latinos Annie Bruck
Pat Olsen Participant evaluation of the community-based health enhancement program Suzanne Sikma
  Diana L. Schaefer The lived experience of caregiving in the cultural context of the Vietnamese immigrant community among older Vietnamese caregivers Marjorie Muecke
  Elena Siegel A descriptive study of licensed nurse-nursing assistant communication: managing care of older adults in long term care settings Heather Young
Tsae-Jyy "Tiffany" Wang Aquatic exercise to improve function in older adults with osteoarthritis Basia Belza


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