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The de Tornyay Center serves as a catalyst for promoting healthy aging through its support of research and education in the field of gerontology for the School of Nursing, the University of Washington, and the broader community.

Dr.Rheba de Tornyay, EdD, RN, FAANDr.Rheba de Tornyay, EdD, RN, FAAN

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Teaching and Learning Resources

Welcome to the teaching/learning resources page for the deTornyay Center for Healthy Aging!

Through support from the John A. Hartford Foundation, Geriatric Nursing Grant and Nursing School Geriatric Investment Program Grants, teaching resources have been developed to assist faculty with integrating geriatric-related content into the undergraduate nursing curriculum. Additionally, these materials, as well as at-a-glance handouts, are available to students who are interested in furthering their understanding of gerontological nursing.

PowerPoint lecture/learning modules **

Normal physiological changes with age


Student Resources


The majority of the content for these resources is provided by The John A. Hartford Foundation, Institute for Geriatric Nursing, Online Gerontological Nursing Certification Review Course.  Additionally, we would like to acknowledge faculty who generously offered their support by reviewing the content.


** Note to instructors: PowerPoint modules aimed to enhance gerontological nursing lecture and/or learning activities offer a basic framework for teaching gerontological content - you are encouraged to add more specifics, based on your expertise. These presentation modules can be used as stand alone lectures or individual slides can be integrated into existing course lectures. Please let us know about your use of these modules and recommendations for how we can best serve your needs for geriatric nursing lecture content. Also, please be sure to acknowledge the John A. Hartford Foundation grants for this content.