de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging



Elder Friendly Futures Conference

"Care and Collaboration with Older Adults"

This annual two-day gerontology conference for clinical care providers, community partners and researchers

with a commitment to healthy aging was held at the

Lynnwood Convention Center on

September 17th & 18th


Keynote Presentations and Other Highlights from the conference are linked here

    Karen D. Lincoln, Ph.D., MSW, M.A.  (Thursday Keynote)
    “Demographic Shifts and the Aging Landscape”

    Andrew E. Scharlach, Ph.D. (Friday Keynote)
    “Collaborative Approaches for Creating Aging Friendly Communities”

    Multiple panels on topics such as Aging Well Among Diverse Communities, Innovations in Fall Prevention, Intergenerational Programs and Supports, and Early Stage Memory Loss—Innovations in Policy, Research, Clinical and the Community to name a few.

    “State of the Science” presentations on topics such as Anticholinergics and Risk of Dementia, and Frailty as well as special presentations on Deprescribing and Aging with and into Disability.




Key Deliverables from the White House Conference on Aging

Empowering All Americans as We Age


Thanks to all who attended the White House Conference on Aging Watch Party

hosted by the de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging at the UW School of Nursing!




Community Building, Professional Development and Education



The University of Washington receives HRSA award


Northwest Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Center (NW GWEC)


The Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program aims to improve the quality of healthcare for older Americans.


This geriatrics program will help the University of Washington design curricula that responds to the needs of aging adults and leads to better care. The NW GWEC will promote access to quality health care for older adults by supporting

  • their self-management
  • their families’ engagement in their care
  • the dedicated caregivers who work with them






The Northwest Chapter of the National Gerontological Nursing Association (NW NGNA) is dedicated to the clinical care of older adults across diverse care settings through inclusiveness, respect, innovation, and responsiveness. This mission is supported by building strong local and national networks between clinicians, educators, researchers, and students. 


The NW NGNA was recognized by the National Gerontological Nursing Association with Chapter status in March of 2013 and currently has 39 active members.  This Charter initiation was sponsored by the de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging at the University of Washington's School of Nursing. This growing and dynamic group offers Annual Nursing Professional Development Scholarships.


The NW NGNA is a non-profit organization formed to promote quality care for the older adult by enhancing the professionalism of the gerontological healthcare worker through collaboration and education.

Learn more about the NW NGNA today!


The Gerontological Professionals Network (GPN)

The GPN is a network of individuals and organizations that provide support and services to older adults.


The GPN links the University of Washington School of Nursing and community colleagues with interest and expertise in gerontology and geriatrics. The GPN strives to create a forum for discussion of professional issues and provide networking opportunities for professionals working in diverse areas of elder care. We meet regularly during the academic year to network, discuss common issues, and share creative solutions for enhancing health care and services to older adults.


The de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging sponsors the GPN. The Center serves as a catalyst for promoting healthy aging through research, education, and community services in gerontology and geriatrics for the School of Nursing, the University of Washington, and the broader community.


Find past programs, agendas and minutes here......


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